Cinta & Phil – Hyde Park and Bamboo Highgate

Cinta and Phil did away with formalities and met up for photos before their wedding ceremony and reception at Bamboo. This way they could spend more time with their guests and it worked out perfectly for them (minus the hiccup of the groom’s injured ankle). I loved their choice of reception venue. It was the perfect place to celebrate on a balmy summer evening.

Phil getting ready for his wedding at Fraser Suites East Perth

Phil icing his ankleBamboo Highgate Wedding_003Bamboo Highgate Wedding_004Bamboo Highgate Wedding_005Bamboo Highgate Wedding_006Getting ready at Fraser Suites East PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_008Bamboo Highgate Wedding_009Getting ready at Fraser Suites East PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_011Bamboo Highgate Wedding_012View from Fraser Suites East PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_014Bamboo Highgate Wedding_015Bamboo Highgate Wedding_016Bamboo Highgate Wedding_017Bamboo Highgate Wedding_018Bamboo Highgate Wedding_019Bride getting ready in North PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_021Bamboo Highgate Wedding_022Bamboo Highgate Wedding_023Bamboo Highgate Wedding_024Bamboo Highgate Wedding_025Bamboo Highgate Wedding_026Bamboo Highgate Wedding_027Bamboo Highgate Wedding_028Hyde Park wedding photosHyde Park wedding photosHyde Park wedding photosHyde Park Perth wedding photosHyde Park Perth wedding photosBamboo Highgate Wedding_034Bamboo Highgate Wedding_035Portrait of the groomBamboo Highgate Wedding_037Portrait of the brideBamboo Highgate Wedding_039Bamboo Highgate Wedding_040Wedding picnic at Hyde Park PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_042Bamboo Highgate Wedding_043Bamboo Highgate Wedding_044Bamboo Highgate Wedding_045Bamboo Highgate Wedding_046Bamboo Highgate Wedding_047Bamboo Highgate Wedding_048Bamboo Highgate Wedding_049Bamboo Highgate Wedding_050Bamboo Highgate Wedding_051Bamboo Highgate Wedding_052Bamboo Highgate Wedding_053Waiting for the bride to walk down the aisleBamboo Highgate Wedding_055Bamboo Highgate Wedding_056Bamboo Highgate Wedding_057Bamboo Highgate Wedding_058Bamboo Highgate Wedding_059Bamboo Highgate Wedding_060Bamboo Highgate Wedding_061Bamboo Highgate Wedding_062Bamboo Highgate Wedding_063Bamboo Highgate Wedding_064Bamboo Highgate Wedding_065Bamboo Highgate Wedding_066Bamboo Highgate Wedding_067Bamboo Highgate Wedding_068Bamboo Highgate Wedding_069Bamboo Highgate Wedding_070Bamboo Highgate Wedding_071Bamboo Highgate Wedding_072Bamboo Highgate Wedding_073Bamboo Highgate Wedding_074Bamboo Highgate Wedding_075Wedding reception at Bamboo PerthBamboo Highgate Wedding_077Bamboo Highgate Wedding_078Bamboo Highgate Wedding_079Bamboo Highgate Wedding_080Bamboo Highgate Wedding_081Bamboo Highgate Wedding_082Bamboo Highgate Wedding_083Bamboo Highgate Wedding_084Bamboo Highgate Wedding_085Bamboo Highgate Wedding_086Bamboo Highgate Wedding_087Bamboo Highgate Wedding_088Bamboo Highgate Wedding_089Bamboo Highgate Wedding_090Bamboo Highgate Wedding_091Bamboo Highgate Wedding_092Bamboo Highgate Wedding_093Bamboo Highgate Wedding_094Bamboo Highgate Wedding_095Bamboo Highgate Wedding_096Bamboo Highgate Wedding_097Bamboo Highgate Wedding_098Bamboo Highgate Wedding_099Bamboo Highgate Wedding_100Bamboo Highgate Wedding_101Bamboo Highgate Wedding_102Bamboo Highgate Wedding_103Bamboo Highgate Wedding_104Bamboo Highgate Wedding_105Bamboo Highgate Wedding_106

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