Linda & Lee – Brookleigh Estate and Stewart’s Restaurant, Swan Valley

Linda and Lee’s Spring wedding at Brookleigh Estate in the Swan Valley was filled with sunshine, flowers, lush green trees and the occasional curious horse! A great day, with perfect weather and a couple that couldn’t stop smiling.


001_Brookleigh Estate Wedding002_Brookleigh Estate Wedding003_Brookleigh Estate Wedding004_Brookleigh Estate Wedding005_Brookleigh Estate Wedding006_Brookleigh Estate Wedding007_Brookleigh Estate Wedding009_Brookleigh Estate Wedding010_Brookleigh Estate Wedding011_Brookleigh Estate Wedding012_Brookleigh Estate Wedding013_Brookleigh Estate Wedding014_Brookleigh Estate Wedding016_Brookleigh Estate Wedding019_Brookleigh Estate Wedding021_Brookleigh Estate Wedding

022_Brookleigh Estate Wedding024_Brookleigh Estate Wedding025_Brookleigh Estate Wedding027_Brookleigh Estate Wedding028_Brookleigh Estate Wedding030_Brookleigh Estate Wedding031_Brookleigh Estate Wedding032_Brookleigh Estate Wedding

033_Brookleigh Estate Wedding034_Brookleigh Estate Wedding035_Brookleigh Estate Wedding040_Brookleigh Estate Wedding041_Brookleigh Estate Wedding042_Brookleigh Estate Wedding043_Brookleigh Estate Wedding044_Brookleigh Estate Wedding045_Brookleigh Estate Wedding046_Brookleigh Estate Wedding048_Brookleigh Estate Wedding049_Brookleigh Estate Wedding050_Brookleigh Estate Wedding051_Brookleigh Estate WeddingLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & Lee061_Brookleigh Estate WeddingLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & Lee066_Brookleigh Estate Wedding067_Brookleigh Estate WeddingLinda & Lee071_Brookleigh Estate WeddingLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & LeeLinda & Lee085_Brookleigh Estate Wedding086_Brookleigh Estate Wedding087_Brookleigh Estate Wedding088_Brookleigh Estate Wedding089_Brookleigh Estate Wedding090_Brookleigh Estate Wedding092_Brookleigh Estate Wedding093_Brookleigh Estate Wedding094_Brookleigh Estate Wedding095_Brookleigh Estate Wedding097_Brookleigh Estate Wedding098_Brookleigh Estate Wedding099_Brookleigh Estate Wedding101_Brookleigh Estate Wedding102_Brookleigh Estate Wedding104_Brookleigh Estate Wedding105_Brookleigh Estate Wedding

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  • October 22, 2014 - 3:25 pm

    Judy Addy - What a beautiful story of the marriage of Linda and Lee you presented with your lovely photoghraphy, catching a moment in time for a lifetime of memories! As a member of Linda’s family who could not attend in person, I could live the special day via these gorgeous images.Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • October 22, 2014 - 3:46 pm

      Fiona - Thank you for your kind words Judy.ReplyCancel

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