Carly, Dale and their pooch Peppa

Some of you may not know that I also specialise in pet photography. You can view more of my work at Unleashed. If you have a much loved pet you would like included in your engagement portraits or wedding photos let me know.


Peppa the Border Collie during her photo shoot in Applecross002_Border Collie Dog Photography003_Border Collie Dog Photography004_Border Collie Dog Photography005_Border Collie Dog Photography006_Border Collie Dog Photography007_Border Collie Dog PhotographyPeppa the dog posing for a photo009_Border Collie Dog Photography010_Border Collie Dog Photography011_Border Collie Dog Photography012_Border Collie Dog Photography013_Border Collie Dog Photography014_Border Collie Dog Photography015_Border Collie Dog PhotographyPet photography in Perths beautiful afternoon light017_Border Collie Dog Photography018_Border Collie Dog Photography019_Border Collie Dog PhotographyA fun family portrait with their dog Peppa021_Border Collie Dog Photography022_Border Collie Dog Photography023_Border Collie Dog Photography024_Border Collie Dog PhotographyFamily portrait with their pet dog Peppa026_Border Collie Dog PhotographyPeppa the Border Collie obediantly sits to be photographed

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